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Next-gen Shopping Site Combines Outrageous Fun with Designer Merchandise

Viva Swag is a new online shopping site which combines real-to-life characters, blogs, and giveaways to create a totally unique experience for the user.  The site offers a  developing virtual world along with the ease of locating the best “swag” the Internet has to offer.  It succeeds in doing this with the help of nine make-believe “celebrity” spokespeople who offer an ongoing blog about each shopping category while at the same time pointing customers to the hottest trendsetting merchants and deals on the net. 

By using a colorful backdrop in an American Anime style, the site’s artists and writers have created vivid and humorous characters which lend the fun and human touch that has been missing in online shopping until now.  The site specializes in nine shopping categories: Accessories, Apparel, Beauty, Jewelry, Electronics, Gourmet, Jet Setters, Travel, and Art. Each spokesperson has responsibility for one section and all are “experts” in their field and known “celebrities” in the Viva Swag Universe.